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A few days ago, we published an article about storytelling and the way in which it is put into practice in the digital world. From that moment on, we have spent some of our time searching, testing and “collecting” applications that allow the user to create stories in an easy way and provide good results. Among all of them, we are going to present you four, which, in our opinion, are especially interesting.

What about you? Do you know any other?

1. Storybird

Storybird es una web que permite crear historias no animadas con un banco de ilustraciones propio bastante amplio.

Pros: The pictures are classified by tags; thus, when choosing a topic for a story, the edition screen and all the images related to this topic are shown, then, you can decide which one you prefer. The edition is really simple, so Storybird can be a useful tool to encourage people to write and/or increase the use of applications among the youngest pupils. Besides, it lets you create stories in a collaborative way and the web itself establishes a system of followers so that you can follow the work of the authors that interest you most.

Drawbacks: In spite of having a wide range of images, the development of a set story sometimes can be complicated. It is easier to think about the topic and let the story be created through the illustrations. Neither can the illustrations be edited nor can we upload new ones. Finally, our stories cannot be downloaded, but only shared through an embed.


2. Maptales

Maptales is a web page that let the user create stories which location has an especial relevance.

Pros: The edition is well explained and simple to understand. Every part of the story has its text, its image (optional) and it is associated with a precise location. The final visualisation combines the three elements in a way that while advancing in the story, the map is moved automatically. This application needs no logging in and the user does not have to give any personal information. Therefore, you will not be receiving any of those annoying spams.

Contras: The map style and the text box cannot be edited. On some occasions, you will need to write the location more than once, because it may not appear the first time.

3. Zimmer Twins

Zimer Twins is a web page that let the user create simple animation with a kind of imagery that could be recommended for young children.

Pros: The edition is well explained (guideline included) and it is based on different animations to choose. They are related to mood, environment, text, etc. The number of characters is limited (a boy, a girl and a cat), but if the students become familiar with them, they can create interrelated stories that can eventually result in a methodology.

Contras: The only drawback is that ZimmerTwins is a paying tool. Even though the prices are not high, this may prevent some people from using it, because there are other free applications that provide similar results.

4. Xtranormal

Xtranormal is easy to use and it can provide surprising results if it is wisely used. In our opinion, this tool is the best of the four we have discussed about in this article.

Pros: This type of animation (characters, environment, etc.) is not only thought for children, thus we can create any kind of stories. There is high-quality imagery, we can choose the movements, the camera angle, the attitudes and dialogues, which are not text, but they are played in real audio. We can share our work, but also download it, so we can use it however and whenever we want without using an embed.

Drawbacks: As well as ZimmerTwins, Xtranormal is a paying tool, but in this case you do not have to contract a full month, but just one use or a video.

The fact that these tools are easy to use not only makes it possible for the students to play an active role and reach the level of competence expected for the course, but also give them the opportunity to learn or improve other skills like digital competence. Besides, these tools provide very good results.
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