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IDEC is an institute of continuous education associated with Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (UPF) and, until now, it worked with a Moodle version that needed to be upgraded. And factorsim took this job.

In order to upgrade a Moodle 1.9 version, first of all, you need to create a Moodle from zero and then migrate the users and contents from the old one, because it is too old to be simply upgraded. And so it was with IDEC campus. Once the new campus was created, a new graphic was made apart from installing old complements and creating new ones, finally, users and contents were migrated.


In order to create a new campus, the CORE basic Moodle code— was not modified and everything was done with complements. On the contrary, if you would like to upgrade it again in the future, you would need to re-program the modifications and thus upgrades would be slower and all modifications would need to be registered. Old complements were installed and three new complements were created: an Excel creator of a grades file, a grades exporter of one course and a course creator from a .csv file.


The first complement, the Excel creator of a grades file was done because IDEC asked for it and it is useful to filter educational programmes (eg. a master) and grades of their users and everything is exported as Excel divided into tabs by course (subject) and a final tab that includes the average grade. The second complement is very similar, but it is used to export grades of one course and it was created to avoid modifying the CORE. Finally, an old complement, which function is to migrate courses through the creation of courses from a .csv file was adapted to the new version.


Screenshot of the side block of the Excel creator of a grades file (more than one course).


Screenshot of the side block grades exporter of one course. The Excel file has the layout and information requested by IDEC.

It is important to say that the migration of users and contents was made by IDEC, but factorsim prepared a repository to upload course materials that allowed to read contents packages (see post “How to use a Moodle 2.4. (or higher) as files repository“).

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